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Grief Group Counselling starting on 17th July 2023

Grief can be an isolating experience, it can be confusing for some and soothing for others. I believe in normalising grief in whatever the way you prefer to grieve, whether it's through a holiday that you took to be away or by sitting at home for days looking back at the photos. May be you chose to hold everything they owned or may be you decided to donate all of it, let's talk about it.

This group is semi-structured which means that there is going to be a topic for each week however, there will be space for each member to share free ideas they brought to the grief conversation that day. There will be some educational material to discuss, however focus will be on experiential learning more.

Starting from 17th July 2023 for four weeks (24 July, 31 July & 7th August), 10am to 12pm every Monday in a warm and cosy room at 1/1 Station street, Subiaco. WA.

20$ each session! You are welcome to bring a comfort blanket.

Only 6 spots to keep the conversations warm.

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