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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Physical or emotional abuse, neglected by caregiver, caregiver experiencing mental illness or domestic violence” if you resonate with any of these words, it would be a good idea to conduct an Adverse Childhood Experiences ACE test.

Why knowing your ACE score is important? Well, according to the Centre on the Developing Child, Harvard, the higher the ACEs score, higher the risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetics, poor academic achievement, and substance abuse in later in life.

Additionally, ACEs mixed with Toxic stress could lead to extremely high stress levels in everyday life. Toxic stress among children is caused by experiencing racism, community violence or lack of supportive adults.

ACEs are more common than we think, 61% of adult surveyed in 25 states of US reported to have experiences at least one type of ACE and nearly one in 6 reported to have experienced at least 4 types of ACEs (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, 2022).

Therapy sessions are a great way to address and create some narrative around ACEs in life to move forward with self-efficacy.

Here’s a quick video with further information by IHDCYH Talks.

Want to know your ACE score? Click on the form below by Anna institute to understand your ACE levels. If you would like to discuss your ACE score with a professional, get in touch with us at to book a counselling session.

Finding Your ACE Score
Download PDF • 16KB

Please know that help is available, reach out to book your free 15 minutes session now 0416 086 507 with Australian Counselling Clinic.


About the Author:

Amber Zahra

a registered Counsellor in Australia

Trying to spread the its bits of life-information collected to understand herself, with her people.

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